This One Campaign Generated 289 Maid Service Leads in 6 Weeks!

(Without breaking the bank)

Game Plan

If you operate a cleaning service (or any service-based business for that matter), chances are you are hungry for leads, especially when business begins to slow down.

Word of mouth can only take you so far. When you need more business, you need a proven system that can attract a large audience, quickly!

Luckily for you, I am sharing you my #1 template to help ensure you keep your pipeline full of potential customers.

A proven offer and proven system to help you book your calendar for the next month…

Shall we begin?

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1. Understand the Advertising Channel

Let’s assess the appropriate advertising channel first.

Out of all the most popular platforms for advertising cleaning services: Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack, Google local, Google PPC etc., it’s safe to say…well, none of those apply for this offer!

Though these platforms can work well, for this offer they are not the most cost-effective way of promoting this campaign (Again, this is WITHOUT breaking the bank.)

Facebook advertising will be your best friend, because:

  • We are actively reaching a large audience for a relatively cheap budget.
  • Promoting specific deals, discounts and promos are much more likely to stand out on someone’s social media feed.
  • Creative (Images or video) is a large component for this campaign.

Assuming you already have a Facebook business page set up for your cleaning service, you are all set!

(If not, go to and create one today!)

2. Offer (And Why The "Value Ladder" Matters)

The offer we used is “3 Hours of Cleaning for $99.” This offer is proven to convert in the cleaning industry.

For those of you thinking, "this would be impossible for my service!", you can certainly modify.

For example, if the average house clean tends to take you 2 hours max, you can use the extra hour to offer deep cleaning services. Or instead of doing a time-bound offer, you can mold the offer to home size: "Two floor home cleaning for $___."

The main thing to understand is your profit margins are not supposed to be great per appointment booked.

The goal is to promote an offer that attracts a lot of leads, schedule a large volume of appointments and ultimately turn those $99 cleans into recurring clients.

Think about how much a recurring client is worth to your business for 1 year (or longer); this where the real money is made!

The term "value ladder" comes into play here, as you are sacrificing a bit of value on the front-end to win your customers in the back-end.

3. Lead Tracking

There are multiple ways to track your leads with Facebook advertising.

In this instance, we set up a “conversion” campaign as the marking objective within Facebook and directed our traffic to a landing page. For landing page software, we use “LeadPages.” 

If you are unfamiliar with what a landing page is, I recommend check out my YouTube video where I thoroughly cover this.

If you use your website to collect leads, just make sure you have access to the backend system where you can access these leads.

The whole process involves a four-part sequence using an automation software called Zapier:

  • Collecting a submission (lead) on LeadPages.
  • Having the leads uploaded into a Google sheet.
  • Having the leads uploaded as contacts to an SMS automation list.
  • Having the leads texted to the client's phone in real-time.

(Outline of 4-Part "Zap" in Zapier.)

(What a typical follow-up chart would look like in Google Sheets.)

…That’s it! 

Convenience is important when balancing time spent working and scheduling appointments. 

Google Sheets will be a game changer if you're guilty of not organizing your leads. Not only can you keep track of leads coming in periodically, you can also create additional columns to help you keep track of the follow-up process.

Having leads uploaded into an SMS Marketing platform like "ClickSend" or "Twilio" will allow an effortless building of contacts to text blast new promotions and offers to in the future!

And last but not least, having leads texted to your phone in real-time will allow for convenience and faster response times; AKA, more appointments made!

Did You Know: Leads are significantly more likely to close in the first 15 minutes of submitting their information? Be sure to contact them quickly!

The Final Results

Within 6 weeks of running this campaign to a cold audience, we captured nearly 300 leads. 

The owner was able to schedule about 45 appointments from this; 7 of which have become recurring clients so far!

…All done while working on the field full-time.


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