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$6 Kitchen Remodeling Leads on Facebook

If there's one thing contractors love, it's on demand leads! Find out how this kitchen remodeler acquired nearly 30 leads in two weeks, without spending a fortune.


Creating Ads That Convert: (Advertising 101)

Ad imagery, copywriting, call to action: This article will detail all the fundamentals so you can ensure a successful campaign.

How This House Cleaner Got $5 Leads On Her First Ever Campaign

What's one offer that never fails to suck in residential cleaning leads? Click below to find out!

"Is there currently a demand for cleaning services?"

To give a straight answer; Absolutely... But do you know how to sell your service properly?

Make Your Cleaning Service Go Viral in Two Weeks (Facebook Engagement Campaign)

How to increase exposure of your company by leveraging your audience!

289 Maid Service Leads in 6 Weeks.

Convinced that online advertising is too expensive for your cleaning service? Think again! I share my exact, home-run formula for generating a hefty pipeline in 6 weeks!

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How To Establish Authority For Your Cleaning Service

...And never have to compete on price again.

The Real Reason You Aren't Closing Your Leads

The "Bad Lead Quality" Myth Debunked! (What to do instead.)

How Antonio Scheduled 47 Deep Cleans in a Month

...With ZERO advertising spend!

Profitable Advertising for Maid Service Thumbnail

Profitable Advertising For Cleaning Businesses in 2022

Here's how we did it...

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This Phone Script Gets Instant Referrals For Your Cleaning Business

...before you even service them!

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Get More Qualified Applicants For Your Cleaning Company

Make your hiring ads instantly better!

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Executional Content vs Educational Content

How to tap into the 97% of the market.

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Do You REALLY Need a Booking Software?

Why a booking software might not be the solution you need.

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How to Get Started With Video Content

Too afraid to get on video? Don't know what to record?

Read ME!

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How to Build Google PPC Keywords

The DO's and DON'TS of keywords.

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How to Get More Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Inbound vs Outbound Marketing Strategies!

8 Tips to Improve Your Cleaning Company's Ads

My top troubleshooting tips.