Executional Content vs Educational Content

(How to attract 97% of the market to your cleaning service!)

One of the toughest codes to crack for cleaning businesses is growth through content marketing.

We first have to ask ourselves, “Why do some companies succeed with organic content marketing and others don’t?”

Is it by posting 5x/day, 7 days a week?

Is it by using Instagram reels instead of IGTV?

Is it because they do raffles and giveaways?

Is it because they have over 4,000 followers and 2,000+ page likes?

All these things matter to an extent, but not as much as this one factor:

The type of content they promote!

Let’s break down the two types of content marketing strategies, starting with the more common one.

Executional Content

Cleaning businesses active on social media already do this very well.

This is the on field content. It’s typically before and afters, or photos/videos of your staff doing the cleaning.

Its main purpose is to showcase the efficacy of your cleaning service.

For example, a good before & after photo of a transformed carpet can get just about anybody to stop scrolling and pay attention.

Carpet lines on staircase

The downside? There’s a cap with how much your cleaning business can stand out.

You can only post so many carpet lines or shiny stovetops until you reach a limit with your audience.

And the truth is your carpet lines or stovetop cleans are probably not any more unique or impressive than your competitors. At least not to your customer.

Another thing to consider is at any given moment only about 3% of your market is ready to buy.

The executional content serves these people well, but what about the 97%?

Educational Content

If you want to dominate the market, you have to learn how to attract the 97% that most cleaning businesses fail to.

I’ve seen cleaning businesses become local celebrities in their market by focusing on nothing but educational content.

Here’s what it yielded for them:

  • Consistent inflow of clients.
  • Happier clients who stick around for longer.
  • More referrals from their loyal clients.
  • Clients who will happily pay more for their service vs. Joe down the block.
  • More committed staff who believe in the company.
Photo silhouette of couple jumping at the beach

(All the good things you would want in your cleaning business can be influenced by this one practice)

Here’s how you do it

As the strategy sounds, you need to teach your audience the importance of your service.

Put yourselves in the shoes of your customers who are about to hire a cleaning company for the first time.

Why should they hire one in the first place?

List all the problems and benefits of doing the cleaning themselves vs hiring a professional, and write it down.

Then, they’ll need to know what they should look for in a cleaning company…

Quote process?

All of the things that establish professionalism and credibility, write them down.

Then they might want to know about the service itself.

What types of cleaning products do they use?
Do they bring their own supplies or use mine?
Is <insert cleaning solution> safe for children & pets?

Again, think of all possible scenarios, and write it down!

Once you’ve done this activity, you should have a list of all the common questions with answers.

This is your educational content plan.

FAQ graphic of 4 cleaners

(FAQ sheets are not only good for your landing pages/website, but can act as your content planner)

Piecing it all together

When done properly, an educational content marketing approach will mean customers start seeing you as the authority in the market.

Consistency is key to make this work.

Since we’re speaking to the 97% of people who might not be customers today (but may be several months from now), you need to show up everyday to provide value.

Eventually, enough trust will be built.

When they’re finally ready to pull the trigger, guess who they’re going to call?


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