Facebook Engagement Campaigns

How to create a viral thread for your cleaning service!

Why Engagement Campaigns?

Amongst the many campaign objectives within Facebook and Instagram's advertising interface is "Engagement."

These campaigns work great for local businesses who need that boost of traction. It also requires very minimal tweaking and analytic reporting once published, making it a great option for people new to Facebook advertising!

Perhaps you've witnessed these types of campaigns before... You're scrolling through Facebook and see an ad for a new business that just opened; they are promoting a chance to win a free product or service and you witness hundreds of participants who comment, like and share the post...

Well it's not magic; you can do the same for your cleaning service!

We already know your ideal customer is likely browsing through Facebook and Instagram, making this strategy a great opportunity. In a matter of days, you too can have hundreds of people in your area liking, commenting, and sharing your post with others, creating a snowball of exposure! 😎

Learn how to set up your first engagement campaign in a matter of minutes with my tutorial! 👆

2 Important Tips to a Successful Engagement Campaign

1. Have a great offer!

Behind nearly every successful engagement thread is a great offer. The most common strategies I’ve seen work very well are doing giveaways, promos and discounts. 

You can offer free house cleans each week to lucky winners, chances to win gift cards, 1 hour of free disinfection etc. Get creative!

2. Have your audience work for you

The whole idea of these campaigns is to build exposure in your local area. Not only are you using paid ads to get in front of potential customers, you are leveraging their actions to get in front even more potential customers, too!

Important: Be Careful with Your Call to Action (CTA)!

The whole intention of these campaigns is to entice the audience to engage; whether that’s by liking, commenting, or sharing the post. However, in recent years Facebook’s advertising policy has really cracked down on what they consider spammy.

Directly asking people to “Like this post!” Or “Tag a friend in the comments!” will likely get your ad flagged for policy violations, which we don’t want.

The workaround?? There’s two options:

1. Post the ad copy without any direct CTA’s, and then comment on your own ad (make sure you’re commenting as the business page) saying, “Like this post for your chance to win!” Or “Tag 2 friends in the comments below!” Etc.

2. Use cryptic messaging in your ad text. Since saying “tag a friend in the comments” is likely to get flagged by Facebook’s algorithm, Instead say something like “Drop a friend below 👇 who would love to win this deal!”

With a properly set campaign, you can experience great traction in a short amount of time; even with a low budget. Next time you are deciding on a new way to promote your cleaning service, give this a shot!

About The Author

Evan Leibowitz is the founder of Evan Luis Media. Here in our agency, we specialize in social media marketing, lead generation, and sales funnel implementation for Residential & Commercial Cleaners, and other service-based businesses.