How to Create Profitable Ads For Your Cleaning Business in 2022!

(Facebook Advertising Campaign Review)

Game Plan

Running your own advertising campaigns to promote your cleaning business can be a nightmare.

Knowing what to set your budget to, how many clicks/impressions you're getting, if your landing page is set up properly etc., are just some of the many reasons people struggle!

In this article, I break down the three elements that allowed this cleaning business Facebook ad to be profitable.

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1. Dialing In The Offer

When you're advertising your cleaning business, the whole idea is to get new people through the door.

The easiest way to attract potential clients is to make some very attractive offer to incentivize people to fill out a form or schedule a cleaning with you.

So in this example, we used a classic fixed price point for a specific amount of cleaning.

Some percentage of these people were upsold into additional cleaning services, while others remained at the price point in the ad.

The reason this type of offer works is because it's very easy for customers to conceptualize.

Naming your price up-front allows customers to get an idea of what your cleaning service might cost them.

Maid holding bucket, price point, cleaning business advertisement

2. Crystal Clear Scheduling Process

Having an effortless scheduling process for new leads is crucial for conversions.

As soon as someone generated interest in this offer, we made it very clear what the exact steps would look, look like.

On our form right before leads submit their information, we listed bullet by bullet, exactly what's going to happen. From the moments that they enter their information, to when they receive a phone call or a text message, to when the maids actually arrive to their home, and they get to sit back, relax & let us do the service.

Maid Service Ad Custom Form

As you can see, we mention our stupid simple, 5-step process for booking a cleaning.

By mapping out the exact steps of your scheduling process, you will erase any potential doubts in your prospects' minds!

3. Engagement

The final tip that I will attribute to the success of this campaign was that the engagement was very, very good on this ad.

There is a technical term called CPM, which stands for cost per impression, which is the cost of your ad to show in front of 1,000 eyeballs.

The more expensive your CPM is, the less people you're going to reach with your ad.

The cheaper your CPM is, the more people you'll reach with your ad.

We had very cheap CPMs and I attribute this to the engagement from this ad!

maid service ad, shares, comments, likes

(Receiving this much engagement within a few weeks is very uncommon!)

So if you look at how many likes it got, how many shares, how many comments, you'll see that there is a lot of buzz going on about this promo.

In other words, when people were scrolling through their feed and they happened to stumble upon this ad? We have so much social proof just from that one ad that people have no reason not to stop and check out what's going on!

As a result, these networks like Facebook and Instagram reward advertisers for creating this experience because, after all their, goal is to get users to stay on their platform for as long as possible.

So when you see an ad that has over 200 likes and just hundreds of comments, well, yes, people are going to stop and pay attention and you are going to get a reward as an advertiser.

Advertising Metrics (Review)

Let's recap some of the metrics for this campaign.

Lead Cost: Cost Per Lead is not the end-all, be-all advertising metric. But assuming you convert a good amount of your traffic, it generally means more jobs and clients for your cleaning business!

Throughout this campaign, our average lead cost is $3.00. Due to our offer and low CPM's, we don't expect lead cost to rise much for at least a few months.

Appointments Booked: In about 6 weeks we managed to book 28 cleanings with $705 in ad spend. That gives us an average cost per appointment booked of $25. This is a great metric, considering many cleaning companies pay this amount for a lead.

New Clients: Our client mentioned she's converting about 30% of these appointments into new clients, primarily for bi-weekly and weekly cleaning service. This means about 8 new recurring clients, thus far.


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