How to Start Video Content For Your Cleaning Business!

(Beginner-Friendly Guide!)

Getting Started

So, you want to start promoting your cleaning business with video content.

Video content is arguably the fastest, most effective way of building trust with your audience.

It’s also the most challenging to become proficient. The idea of getting in front of the camera makes many people uncomfortable because they are too in their head:

Do I look presentable enough to be on camera?

Why does my voice sound weird?

Do others think my voice sounds weird?

Is what I’m saying really valuable enough to be posted?

I feel like a fraud!

These are common thoughts business owners face and it deters them from ever starting.

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Mindset Shift

Never feeling like “you’re good enough” to be on video is something everyone goes through.


But here’s how you know you’re good enough…

If your cleaning business has clientele (people paying their hard earned money to have your company clean their home or business), it’s because your clients see you as valuable.

They understand your service provides more value to their lives than not hiring you and choosing to do the cleaning themselves.

This should be a motivation boost to put yourself out there and serve more customers who are desperately searching for what you have!

So yes, you have valuable information to share with the community.

Get past the bad hair day, makeup, scratchy voice and just press record.

Woman holding cell phone with ring light

Imposter Syndrome is very common for people recording their first video!

Equipment needed

A misconception people have about creating video content is needing expensive equipment.

This is absolutely false! Here’s what you need:

  • A smartphone with a working camera.
  • Good lighting.

That’s it!

This is all I used when I started publishing videos on my YouTube channel, and what many other content creators start with, also!

When you start to take your video content a step further, there are some accessories that can make your recording experience better.

These gadgets would be:

  • Tripod for your smartphone. This allows you to place your camera at any height, distance or angle, regardless of where you are.
  • Ring light to create artificial light for your camera. If bright, natural light is not an option where you are filming, this is a very feasible option.
  • Lavalier microphone. These mics are compatible with most smartphones and clips on to the collar of your shirt. It will enhance the audio quality of your videos, especially when commentary is needed!

All of these accessories are fairly affordable and can enhance your recording experience. But again, they are not necessary when starting out!

Assuming you at least have a smartphone and a place to film your videos, it’s time to press “record!”

"Talking Head" Video

woman talking to the camera

This is the first type of video I recommend people start with.

Cover a topic in the industry that you understand very well. Preferably something that your customers have questions on or are confused about.

Once you’ve decided on what to cover, you can put your phone on video mode, press the record button and simply talk to the camera!

That’s it, just go for it.

You will stutter.
You will say “um,” “like,” “you know” plenty of times.
You will also probably stop mid sentence, end the recording, and start over 20 times. 30 times. Maybe 50 times, plus.

And if you nail it the first time around? Congrats! You are in the very small percentile who won from right out the gate.

But chances are you will do several takes until you have a finished product.

The point of these videos is to educate your audience and provide value.

You are also putting a face behind the brand which is so important for cleaning companies who want to grow online! Most cleaning businesses do NOT do this and are missing out on potential business.

Live Commentary

Guy holding carpet cleaner with subtitles overlayed

If the thought of putting yourself on camera still makes you shook, there’s another way to work yourself up to that point.

Talking behind the screen.

Film something you or your team is doing that can provide value to your audience. Maybe it’s deep cleaning an oven, for example.

While one of your staff is cleaning, you can record a video them and narrate in the background what’s going on:
“Hey guys! We’re in <location> right now and deep cleaning an oven for our amazing client! Here’s why routine deep cleaning your oven is important: Reduces chances of fires, helps you save electricity etc…”

This will allow your voice to be heard, while remaining incognito.

You can also do voice overs on pre-recorded videos. Instagram reels, YouTube shorts and Tik Tok have made this popular on their platforms where you upload a video first and then do a voiceover.

This allows for several attempts at getting your script down without compromising the video.

Staff Spotlight

Photo of maid mopping a room

The other option is to get your staff on video.

This option works especially well if your staff is photogenic or has an upbeat personality.

This option does carry risk though because your staff’s retention with your cleaning business is not guaranteed.

If they become the face of your business but then you lose them for whatever reason, they'd no longer be representing your company. Then you'd have to start your video marketing strategy from scratch.

This amplifies the importance of knowing this skill as a business owner.

If you don’t know what video ideas to film, what to say, how to stay consistent, how can you expect someone else to?

Videos Without Dialogue

This is the bare minimum option for recording video content.

This should not be your only source of video content, but I do believe there's a time and place for it.

A lot of cleaning videos that go viral on Tik Tok or Instagram are often without dialogue. This can be anything from an IG reel of someone deep cleaning a home, to an ASMR video of someone cleaning.

After it’s captured you can add “commentary” in the form of text. This can be overlayed onto the video with an editing software, or a caption to go along with the post.

Final Thoughts

I want to stress that the biggest personalities in the cleaning industry have great video content, but it doesn’t mean they are “naturals.”

Most of them have just been doing it for so long and see the ROI, so they stay persistent.

Take me, for example. I don't necessarily enjoy putting myself out there. But I show up and do it daily, anyway because I know people value from it. It's resulted in new business for me, smoother client relationships, and because of that I recognize it as a great time investment.

I was shaking recording my first YouTube video a couple years ago. Now I look forward to publishing my next video.

So don’t expect your first couple videos to be a home run.

Pressing “publish” on your first piece of video content will be a pivotal moment for your cleaning business.
At this point, every subsequent video you record will be slightly easier and more fun, even as a beginner!

If you're waiting for the "perfect" time to start recording, here's your sign to start!!


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