How We Scheduled 47 Deep Cleans in 1 Month.

(And How You Can Too!)


Being a 7-figure cleaning business owner, Antonio has experience with different avenues: of marketing:

- Buying leads from third party lead vendors.

- Paid search on Google and Yelp Sponsored listings.

- Expensive print and radio ads.

- Direct mail (& more)

In an effort to make the Winter months a not-so-slow season (as it often is for him), I suggested something new to him...

Execution Plan

When I realized Antonio had been in business for quite some time and had built an email list of about 1,300 contacts over his years, a light bulb went off:

“Why don’t we just blast an offer to his existing list?” I said to myself.

I knew that inactive members who had used his service 4 years ago most likely still remembered him; now it was just about re-sparking that connection.

And that’s exactly what we did.

We uploaded his list of contacts in an email and two-texting software and were ready to launch our promo.

NOTE: If you have NOT been in business for several years, there's a good chance you won't have an email list of 1,000 contacts. This strategy will not work nearly as effectively if you don't have 600-1,000+ contacts.

Tools Needed

1. An email list (ideally 600-1,000 contacts)

2. Software for two-way texting and email automations. In this example, we're using the software "Go High Level" - Click Here to Start Your 14-Day Free Trial!

3. An online scheduling app (Calendly, Acuity etc.)

The Hook

The offer we ran to Antonio's client list was a 30% discount on their next deep clean.

Normally, I do not advise cleaning companies to use percentage-based offers - particularly to cold traffic. The reason being is because most people do not know what a typical house clean is worth, and even moreso, what type of cleaning they’ll get for that price.

Without some type of existing price anchor, ‘30% Off’ can really mean anything.

However in this case, we knew his members had already used his service. Therefore, there was at least some context on what a typical price might be.

Also a deep cleaning is very attractive to many clients. You're essentially giving them a deep clean for the price of a regular clean (or at least close to it.)

Needless to say, it should work like a charm!

Scheduling Link

We created a basic landing page with a virtual calendar connected to Antonio’s Google Calendar.

The benefit of sending traffic to a landing page is the ability to "pixel" your clients, which allows for re-marketing options in the future.

However, a landing page is not necessary; you can send your leads straight to your calendar link if you’d like.

If you don’t currently have an online scheduler, I would recommend looking into Calendly or Acuity if you need something basic and user-friendly.

Messaging Sequence

In order for this type of blast campaign to work, there needs to be a strategic messaging sequence in place.

That means multiple messages being sent out (ideally automated) over the course of a few days.

In this campaign, we had 3 “Tiers” of message sequences:

Tier 1 - To have clients respond “Yes30” if interested (then send scheduling link)

Tier 2 - (After receiving scheduling link) Have clients book a time.

Tier 3 - Send a “Thank You” message and confirmation text leading up to their appointment.

For Tier 1, I would recommend having some type of phrase that prospects can reply with. 

(We tested sending them the link and having them scheduling right away, but found higher intent when asking the leads to confirm with a phrase, first. This is most likely due to the psychological advantage of having them make a micro-commitment.)

For Tier 2, the scheduling link has now been sent. This is where follow-up messages are even more crucial to get them to schedule.

Most people will NOT schedule right when you send them the link; for many it will be on message #3 or #4, or, you’ll find that a lot of them reply back asking some questions. This is totally fine and should be expected.

Ultimately, there’s a good chance they will agree and schedule.

We add a bit of urgency (48 hour availability) to incentivize them to take action quickly. You can also add scarcity (ex. We only have 2 spots left or We’re down to our last 3 vouchers! etc.)

At Tier 3, your prospect has now scheduled! 

They will receive a confirmation text, email, and perhaps a few reminder texts leading up to their appointment.


By the end of the campaign, we had officially racked in 47 deep cleaning appointments in just over one month!

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