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Our Story

I (Evan) started this digital marketing journey in the beginning of 2019, right after college. After spending countless hours learning about paid traffic and direct response marketing, it was time to get some real world experience.

The first handful of businesses I worked with were in several different industries (including my Father's construction business.) That changed once I found a cleaning company...

We knocked it out of the park for him, and I hardly realized it at the time. I used this leverage to find my next client shortly after (another cleaning company). The results/experience? Same thing. Then another, and another etc.

I decided to go all in and shape my brand around this industry, because:

a. I believe commercial and residential cleaning is a great business model and not dying any time soon.

b. I enjoy the entrepreneurs in this space! Many people I speak to have the perfect balance between ambition and sympathy.

c. There is not enough knowledge around the power of marketing for cleaning businesses!

Celebrity Maid aims to capitalize on all these things.

Our Process

Celebrity Maid helps both new cleaning businesses and 7-figure cleaning businesses streamline their business and add more recurring revenue.

Unlike many marketing companies or platforms that just focus on leads, we help you get new clients in a predictable way, help you with the hiring process, and even help you with your economics to improve your bottom line!

Get help from the professionals in this space, all in one stop!


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