How To Successfully Market Your Cleaning Service During COVID-19

Game Plan

If your cleaning service is still operating today, chances are you’ve noticed some changes in your business.

While some cleaning businesses are prospering during this pandemic, many others are struggling.

Perhaps you have received many cancellations over the past few weeks and the thought at attracting new customers seems impossible.

This may seem like a nightmare, but the truth is now is an excellent opportunity to market your brand.

The truth is... your buyers ARE out there, you just have to properly get in front of them. Unfortunately, most cleaning service owners don't know how to do this.

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1. Why Marketing Your Service is Now More Important Than Ever

Believe it or not, now is a crucial time to market your cleaning service.

If you are deemed an essential business, you have to let residential folks and business owners that you are an essential business for a reason.

Because of this virus, cleanliness and sanitation, in particular, are going to be receive importance like no other. 

Home owners are going to want to ensure their living space is safe for their family, pets and friends.

Business owners are going to want to ensure their business is safe for their staff and customers.

Another marketing shift is taking place with this economic down turn in that almost every local business has stopped online advertising spend. This means competition and cost to acquire a customer (CTAC) is lower than usual!

Even for businesses that can't open at the moment, making your presence known may pay off once things return to normal and they remember you.

2. Why Social Media Marketing Is Effective For Cleaning Services

This quarantine has proven that the majority of us are addicted to our screens: TV, computer and cell phone screens.

Social media usage continues to rise everyday, making it a great platform to get in front of thousands of eyeballs.

There’s also a large creative component to this. Unlike Google PPC campaigns or Yelp sponsored listings where your only relevant based on search terms, Facebook & Instagram ads give you the opportunity to actively throw yourselves in front of just about anyone.

This gives you a unique advantage in being able to paint a picture of your company.

3. The Essentials For a High Converting Advertisement


First, address your ideal avatar with messaging that speaks directly to them. 

Is your typical client:

  • A married, middle aged woman who doesn’t have time to clean?
  • A single man, 30 years old who is never home to clean?
  • A retired, 76 year old woman who isn’t limber enough to clean?

All three demographics are very different. Having your message speak to one person directly, however, is crucial to having a successful marketing campaign. You can create separate campaigns for each of your avatars.

Harp on their emotions; Tug on them until they have no choice but to schedule an appointment with you.

Let them know you are aware of the seriousness of virus transferring, and you are doing everything possible to ensure their home is more safe than when you entered it.


Advertising 101 is that a good offer trumps a mediocre, or no-offer, 9 times out of 10.

Percentage-based offers are very redundant in the cleaning space. Instead I’d focus on something tangible you can bring to a client, such as:

1 hour free disinfecting spray giveaway (enter to win) ”

“Fogger disinfecting machine included with any clean over __ hours”

“3 hour cleaning and disinfecting for $__ “

All of these offers are extremely relevant to disinfecting efforts traced to COVID-19, making them safe bets to start for your own campaign! 

Creative (Image or Video)

The other important piece of a converting advertisement is the creative. This is the actual image someone sees and often the main attention grabber of any ad.

Don't just think your limited to plain photos; You can get very creative (no pun intended) with how you edit your images.

{(Ad mockup) Example of image with text overlay, pertaining to offer}

Transparency with your content is your greatest asset. Your audience wants to see the photos you have laying around in your camera roll from real jobs.

It's time to avoid using the same stock photos that the other cleaning service down the block is also using!

(I can’t tell you how many cleaning businesses I consult with that fall into this exact pitfall.)

Bonus tip: Use photos that show your staff wearing protective gear, face masks, shoe covers - any piece of protective clothing to give your buyers validation for hiring you!

If you go the video route, follow the same routine above. Show clips of you and your team smiling, greeting the home owner or business owner, actually spraying/wiping down equipment etc. to build trust.

This alone is sprouting some degree of familiarity between you and your prospect, whether you realize it or not.

4. Final thoughts

A lot of uncertainty has been sparked during this pandemic, making residential cleaning seem like a false hope.

However, rather than putting hold on everything, being actionable is your best asset.

A shift in your marketing approach will need to take place.

“One and done” type campaigns that may have gotten leads in the past won’t work anymore. Your leads will need a bit of nurturing from you. 

You will need to do what 98% of the other cleaning businesses aren’t doing and truly resonate as a trusted advisor. The tips highlighted above is what we use in our successful campaigns and we advise you to implement them, as well.

Go find the business; don’t wait for the business to find you.

About The Author

Evan Leibowitz is the founder of Evan Luis Media. Here in our agency, we specialize in social media marketing, lead generation, and sales funnel implementation for Residential & Commercial Cleaners, and other service-based businesses.


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